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State Registration Number:  361-20-1074-1

assigned in accordance with Technical Specifications ТU 9849-049-49146123-2015

The owner, user and developer of ТU 9849-049-49146123-2015 AGROPIK-ECO Organicl Fertilizer is OOO Terra.


In 2013, OOO Terra was awarded an International Arch of Europe (IAE) Gold Prize for Quality and Technology at the B.I.D. Annual International Quality Convention in Frankfurt, Germany.



AGROPIK-ECO agricultural technique was developed by Russian experts in soil studies who took notice of the fact that the earth has a great number of microelements which interact and form the fertile layer but this process is too slow which results in soil dehumification in modern agricultural conditions. Further research resulted in the discovery that made it possible to artificially create the fertile layer.

In 1998, the technique of artificial soil formation was fully implemented by developing AGROPIK-ECO soil forming fertilizers unsurpassed in Russia and in the whole world. By now, the technique of artificial soil formation has been improved so greatly that the use of these fertilizers has its effect as quickly as in 15 to 20 days as opposed to years of natural soil formation (the start of humus formation in laboratory conditions can be seen in 2-3 hours).

When a fertilizer gets into the soil, it arouses (mobilizes) microelements and rearranges plural bonds between separate components of the soil biotic community and root system of plants and make them interact tens of times faster, which results in forming a fertile soil.

The earth contains potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus but their form prevents plants from taking them well. AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers make potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus mobile so they can be taken up by plants as fully as possible.

AGROPIK-ECO organic fertilizers are new-generation environmentally friendly fertilizers which are of optimum fertilizing capacity, long-term after-effect, and the unique effect of humus forming in arable and sub-arable soil layers. They are also good at recovering fertile layers damaged by flood, in used-up sandpits and in other cases when the fertile soil layer is damaged.

AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers have an optimum rate of quantity per hectare which stays the same during several years as opposed to annual rapid increase of quantities per hectare when compound mineral fertilizers are used.

For all kinds of agricultural products, AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers have very high profitability which is several times higher than that of compound mineral fertilizers.

AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers are easy to use as they are introduced into the soil according to usual traditional procedures.


Only OOO Terra is legally entitled to produce these fertilizers as it is registered in the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.