Use of AGROPIK-ECO liquid fertilizers in softscaping

Using AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers makes it possible to achieve two mutually related goals.

The first goal is to form and manage the specific city soil biota to grow ornamental plants in the most efficient way possible, taking into account toxic environmental conditions of the modern urban environment.

AGROPIK-ECO normalizes plural relations between separate components of soil biotic community and plants which substantially improves the immunity of plants to adverse environmental conditions of the modern urban environment.

The second goal comes from the fact that AGROPIK-ECO is a brand new kind of fertilizer which contains soil formation centers (SFC), i.e. supramolecular polyfunctional biocatalytic systems. These SFC make it possible for the first time ever to artificially create all types of soil material as an optimum habitat for plants, taking into account toxic environmental conditions of the modern urban environment.

Nowadays we produce various types of fertilizers in granules, tablets, sticks and insoluble powder. The most convenient and efficient form of fertilizers for softscaping are liquid fertilizers. AGROPIK-ECO liquid fertilizers may be used to both water and fertilize plants at the same time. This prevents the risk of local overdose and ensures equal distribution of nutrition and water in the root area.

Ways of Using AGROPIK-ECO Liquid Fertilizers

Watering and fertilizing of plants is of particular importance in softscaping. At the beginning of plant growth (in spring), the concentration of AGROPIK-ECO in the process solution used for watering should be low. In summer, watering should be made at more frequent intervals, but the concentration of AGROPIK-ECO in the process solution should be lower.

Of course, the frequency of watering the plants (lawn grass, flowers, bushes and trees) depends on weather conditions, root zone condition, strength and spread of the root system and the species of the plants in question. However, in all cases watering should be performed with an AGROPIK-ECO low-concentration solution and the watering sessions should be long enough to soak the whole root system of the plants.

Environmental Issues

AGROPIK-ECO should be used as the main fertilizer in toxic urban environment because mineral fertilizers have an extremely negative influence on soils in cities. Their nutritious compounds of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium contain a considerable amount of toxic heavy metals and metalloids which are not mobile in soils. The most common types of mineral fertilizers contain 20% of inert substances. The use of such chemical fertilizers leads to irreversible pollution and salinization of the surficial part of city soils in which roots of plants are actually situated.

Not only does this endanger environmental sustainability of cities, but it also poses a long-term threat to the health of urban population. Mineral fertilizers may be used only as auxiliary additives in soils.

AGROPIK-ECO Fertilizer Application Rate

AGROPIK-ECO liquid concentrated fertilizer is used to make a watering & fertilizing process solution (1 l of liquid concentrate per 100 to 200 l of water). The prepared solution is introduced for a 100m2 soil area. In dry weather, it is recommended to add more water to the solution, the amount of concentrate per 100 m2 soil area staying the same.

It is recommended to do the watering two to six times during the vegetation period.

The use of AGROPIK-ECO liquid fertilizers for lawn watering fosters the growth of plant roots and tops of plants as well as increases immunity of lawns to excess amounts of heavy metals and salts in the city soils. Besides, a lawn treated by AGROPIK-ECO becomes less vulnerable to frost and drought of both the air and the soil.

Applying an AGROPIK-ECO process solution to trees and bushes helps them to root and relieves them from stress suffered as a result of transplantation and develop their root system in the polluted city soils. Trees and bushes treated by AGROPIK-ECO become less vulnerable to frost and drought and more adaptable to toxic conditions of city soils.

AGROPIK-ECO liquid fertilizers have Safety Class IV, i.e. dealing with them is of low hazard.

AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers should be kept in a dry place at a temperature between 0°С and +40°С.