Product Information

 AGROPIK-ECO 21st Century Fertilizer

AGROPIK-ECO is a soil-forming organic and mineral fertilizer produced in accordance with world-unrivalled scientific techniques developed by Russian scientists and approved by the RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES. It has the form of a liquid (brand A) and loose (brands Б, В) fire and explosion proof substance. The product is state certified in the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of the Russian Federation and listed in the Single Register of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals as No. 0250-06-206-067(068)-0-0-0-1, and has all the required sanitary test certificates of the established standard form. 
A high economic efficiency of AGROPIK-ECO has been proved by numerous research works as well as its practical use in the sphere of agriculture both in Russia and in foreign countries.

Brief History

In 1982, Russian scientists made a scientific discovery in the field of soil studies. This discovery enabled them to develop a new theory of soul formation based on the discovered and previously unknown soil formation centers (supramolecular polyfunctional biocatalytic systems) and hidden processes of the formation of various types of soils. This made it possible for the first time in the world to artificially create various types of soils (this was approved by tests performed by a several scientific institutions). 
During the following years, this theory was improved and accomplished and in 1998 it was fully implemented by developing AGROPIK-ECO soil forming fertilizers unsurpassed in Russia and in the whole world. By now, the technique of artificial soil formation has been improved so greatly that the use of these fertilizers has its effect as quickly as in 15-20 days (the start of humus formation in laboratory conditions can be seen in 2-3 hours) as opposed to years of natural soil formation.

Purpose and Field of Application

AGROPIK-ECO fertilizer is designed to achieve a deficit-free balance of humus in soils, foster efficient plant growing and recover agricultural and other natural soils which have eroded to a little or large extent. The fertilizer is used to maintain the quality of agricultural area in permanent use, increase soil fertility and the yields of the cultivated products. 
AGROPIK-ECO can also be used to fertilize lifeless (deserted) sand, clay, or infertile soils which have suffered from drought or flood. 
Our fertilizers are recommended for cultivating agricultural and other products on an industrial scale. They can also be used on farms, in gardens and household garden plots, in greenhouses to grow flowers, vegetables, fruit and berries as well as for softscaping, making and maintaining gardens, parks, flowerbeds and football grounds.


Different brands of AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers may include peat, brown coal, livestock, chicken dung, ammonia liquor, carbamide, wood waste, water, natural soil (soil, sand, clay or loams). 
The active substance of the fertilizer is the Alpha biologically active additive.


AGROPIK-ECO is several times more efficient and profitable than traditional organic and mineral fertilizers. 
AGROPIK-ECO agricultural technique uses a special fertilization procedure which is different from that of traditional fertilizers. That is why, even though AGROPIK-ECO contains only a small amount of nutriments, 1 kg of Agrovit-Kor has a greater effect on soil than 100 kg of dung. 
In the first year of pre-sowing use AGROPIK-ECO Brand A is applied as a liquid concentrate dosed 60-100 kg per hectare and AGROPIK-ECO Brands Б, B are applied as loose fertilizers dosed 300-350 kg per hectare (the efficiency of these brands being equal to 450-500 kg/ha of compound mineral fertilizers). 
In the second year of pre-sowing use on the same fields the efficiency of AGROPIK-ECO substantially increases; accordingly, doses of Brand A and Brands Б, В are reduced to 40-60 kg/ha and 200-250 kg/ha respectively (the efficiency of these brands still being equal to the same doses of mineral fertilizers as above, i.e. 450-500 kg/ha). 
The mentioned properties of AGROPIK-ECO are due to the fact that these fertilizers give appreciable support to soil self-recovery processes for several years further on. 
Application time and manner: AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers may be applied in spring, summer, or autumn, before or during sowing and after harvesting, during cultivation, digging-over, and loosening followed by introducing the fertilizer up to 10 cm deep into the soil. The fertilizers may also be spread on surface of the soil and then buried into it by rake.

Compatibility with other agents

AGROPIK-ECO is an organic and mineral fertilizer which, if applied on a regular basis, does not require any additional fertilizers, nutrients or growth promoters. 
Also, the use of our liquid fertilizers to feed and spray the plants not only leads to a greater yield, but also reduces the risk of being infected with fungi such as mildew, scab, powdery mildew, or sphaeroteca. Thus, our fertilizers fully or partially replace agents such as Bordeaux mixture, Burgundy mixture, colloidal sulphur, copper oxycloride etc. If other agricultural techniques are used, AGROPIK-ECO may be applied in combination with any mineral or organic fertilizers.

Storage conditions

AGROPIK-ECO fertilizers should be kept under shelter or in any dry room in the original packaging. The shelf life never expires. The guaranteed shelf life is two years.