Universal fertilizer for plants and flowers

This is spraying or watering plants during the growing season with a working fertilizer solution using tractor hose sprayers or hand-held equipment - watering cans, backpack sprayers, etc.

Foliar feeding, provided that foliar fertilizers are used, is very quickly absorbed by the plant organism, 6-10 times faster than through the roots, since the route of entry and inclusion of nutrients into metabolism is much shorter than through the root system.

However, this is top dressing, not basic nutrition, a tool for surgical intervention and influence on the basic processes for normal growth and development of plants, incl. increases the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from the soil, has a certain anti-stress effect, and relieves short-term nutritional deficiencies during critical periods of growth.

Foliar feeding of plants is recommended by spraying or watering 1-3 times during the growing season with an interval of at least 10-14 days.


Cereals, vegetables, flowers:

Dilute 1-1.5 liters of the drug with 300-400 liters of water.                          #nbsp ;    

Solution consumption - 300-400 liters per 1 hectare

Деревья, кустарники:

1-1,5 л. препарата развести на 500-1000 л. воды.                           

Расход раствора - 500-1000 л. на 1 Га

Personal subsidiary plot

All cultures:

Dilute 30-50 ml. (2-3 tablespoons) of the drug in 10 liters. water.       #nbsp ;    

Consumption of solution - 20-30 liters per 100 sq.m.

Volume, ml: 1000

Manufacturer country: Russia

Product release form: Liquid

Product weight, g: 1000

Application area:: to stimulate root formation, to stimulate growth and nutrition, against diseases, universal

Purpose of fertilizer:: For lawns, For ornamental deciduous crops, For vegetable crops, For fruit and berry crops, For seedlings, Universal

Quantity per package, pcs.: 1

Type: Fertilizer

Color: Brown

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