Terra LLC contributes to ensuring food security at the international level"

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The Terra LLC company, specializing in the development of the agricultural sector and food industry, took part in the International Conference on Food Security in September 2023, which was held in the city of Samarkand.

The conference brought together representatives of various countries and international organizations to discuss issues of ensuring food security and sustainable development of agriculture. The participation of Terra LLC in this event allowed the company to share its experience and knowledge with colleagues, as well as establish new business contacts and expand its partner network.

Particular attention at the conference was paid to the development of innovative technologies in agriculture, increasing productivity and efficiency of resource use, as well as the fight against hunger and poverty. Terra LLC expressed its readiness to work together to solve these problems and develop new strategies and initiatives in the field of food security.

As a result of the conference, it was decided to create an international partnership to support developing countries in the field of agricultural production and food security. Terra LLC has become an active participant in this partnership and intends to continue working in this direction, strengthening its position in the international arena and contributing to global food security.
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