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The LLC TERRA company, founded in 1998 in the city of Okulovka, Novgorod region, has many years of experience in the production of organic fertilizers in Russia. For more than 20 years of successful work, the company has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner, becoming a participant in the Russian organic fertilizer market.

The main activity of the company is the development and implementation of advanced technologies for the production of organic fertilizers, which help to increase soil fertility, improve the quality of agricultural products and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Thanks to the constant improvement of production processes and the use of modern scientific developments, TERRA LLC offers consumers a range of high quality organic fertilizers.

The company's success is due not only to its technological superiority, but also to the high level of professionalism of its employees. The TERRA LLC team consists of experienced specialists with deep knowledge and skills in the field of organic farming and agrochemistry. Thanks to their efforts, the company was able to win the trust of many domestic and foreign agricultural enterprises, becoming a reliable partner.

Today, TERRA LLC continues to actively develop and expand its activities. The company's immediate plans include the implementation of new investment projects aimed at modernizing production facilities and developing new sales markets.

Company documents
  • Certificate of state registration
    of a Pesticide or Agrochemical
  • Certificate for the trademark "Agropik-Eco"
Company awards
Here are awards received for innovative solutions, excellent quality of services and products, and contribution to the development of the industry.

International awards

World Business Confederation

Business Achievement Award. It is awarded for success in the development of the company, increasing profits, improving product quality and other achievements.

“The Arch of Europa” award in Frankfurt, 2013.

The highest award confirming the increasing level of quality and general recognition of the company’s work along the path of continuous improvement, meeting customer needs and establishing relationships with employees and partners.

Honorary Gold Member
Gold Member title due to its high quality products.

Russian awards

World Fair "Russian Farmer"

A fair where goods and services of Russian farmers are presented, as well as various exhibitions and presentations.

International agro-industrial exhibition "Agrorus", 2021

The exhibition presents various food products, agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as conferences and seminars for agricultural specialists.
Certificate for a gold medal for achievements in the field of innovation in the timber industry
A gold medal for achievements in the field of innovation in the forestry industry can be awarded for the creation of new plant varieties or animal breeds, for the development of new technologies for soil treatment or animal care, for improving product quality, etc.
International Prize Winner
Badge of Honor "Leader of the National Economy 2006"
Award for achievements in the field of economics and business. It is awarded based on criteria such as profit growth, increased sales, improved product quality and other indicators.
Medal for participation in the exhibition “ChemAgroExpo” 2004
“ChemAgroExpo” is an exhibition of the chemical industry and agricultural technologies. The exhibition presents new technologies in the production and use of chemical fertilizers, plant protection products, and equipment for agriculture.
Diploma “Golden Register”
Recognized as important, significant and outstanding in their field.
Golden Register
Enterprises that meet high standards of product quality and safety. Passed strict testing and approved for sale.
World Fair "Russian Farmer"
A fair where various goods and services from different countries are presented.
Leader of the national economy, 2006
An award given to companies for achievements in the field of economics and business. This award is awarded annually and is one of the most prestigious in Russia.
Main partners
The main partners of TERRA LLC include fertilizer manufacturers, agricultural enterprises and scientific organizations. The company also cooperates with international organizations in the field of agriculture.
Novgorod Export Support Center. Comprehensive services for small and medium-sized businesses for unlimited exports.
Analytical portal dedicated to the analysis of exports in various regions.
A government organization that supports and develops exports from Russia.
Engaged in the development and implementation of measures to attract investment to the region, as well as support for small and medium-sized businesses.
Provides information on government support measures for investments, as well as on projects being implemented in the region.
An organization that provides financial, property, consulting and information support to entrepreneurs.

A government organization that supports and develops exports from Russia.

International specialized exhibition of agriculture.
An international organization dedicated to ending hunger and malnutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture and improving food security around the world.
International exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies for livestock and crop production.
An information resource about the country’s development plans for the near future and measures to improve people’s quality of life.
Comprehensive services for small and medium-sized businesses for unlimited exports
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