Liquid fertilizers are important in landscape gardening, promoting plant growth and development and containing essential nutrients.
Using liquid fertilizers in landscape gardening: advantages, methods of application and recommendations
The use of Agropik-Eco fertilizers in landscape gardening can improve the quality of the soil, increase the resistance of plants to diseases and pests, and also increase their decorative value.
The use of liquid fertilizers in landscape gardening
Liquid fertilizers “Agropik-Eco” are an innovative product that provides effective nutrition for plants and increases their resistance to diseases and pests. They contain a complex of macro- and microelements necessary for the growth and development of plants, as well as humic and fulvic acids, which improve soil structure and activate the activity of soil microorganisms.

Agropik-Eco fertilizers are suitable for use on all types of soil and in all climatic conditions. They can be used both for pre-sowing seed treatment and for root and leaf feeding of plants. Fertilizers ensure uniform distribution of nutrients throughout the plant, which increases yield and improves product quality.

One of the advantages of Agropik-Eco liquid fertilizers is their environmental friendliness. They do not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals and pesticides and do not pollute the environment. In addition, they are easily absorbed by plants and do not cause leaf burns.

The use of liquid fertilizers “Agropik-Eco” allows you to reduce the cost of fertilizers and increase the efficiency of using mineral fertilizers. They also help reduce the cost of soil cultivation and improve its structure, which ensures a long-term effect from the use of fertilizers.
  • The most convenient and effective for landscape gardening are liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers "AGROPIK-ECO" can be used for watering and fertilizing. The use of liquid fertilizers "AGROPIK-ECO" when watering lawns allows you to enhance the growth of roots and above-ground mass of plants, as well as increase the resistance of lawns to excess heavy metals in urban soils and its salinity.
  • Watering trees and shrubs with AGROPIC-ECO working solution when replanting plants allows them to take root better, relieve stress from replanting and optimally develop the root system in contaminated city soils. When irrigated with AGROPIC-ECO solution, trees and shrubs suffer less from frost and drought and are better adapted to the toxic conditions of urban soils.
  • A working solution is prepared from the concentrated liquid fertilizer “AGROPIK-ECO” for watering and fertilizing - 1-3 liters of liquid fertilizer (per sheet) per 150-400 liters of water. Consumption of working solution: 1-5 liters per 1 tree (depending on the size of the tree or bush), 4 - 10 liters - applied to an area of ​​100 m2 (one hundred square meters) for lawns. In dry weather, it is advisable to dilute with a large amount of water, while the amount of fertilizer per unit area (100 m2) remains the same.
  • It is recommended to water 2 to 6 times during the spring-summer period.
    When planting trees and shrubs, the consumption of the working solution of liquid fertilizer is 5-10 liters per planting hole.
Application of bulk fertilizers “Agropik-Eco”
Bulk fertilizer “Agropik-Eco” is a highly effective fertilizer designed to improve soil fertility and increase crop yields. It contains all the necessary macro- and microelements, as well as growth stimulants, which contribute to the development of the root system of plants and increase their resistance to diseases and adverse environmental factors.

The peculiarity of this fertilizer is that it easily dissolves in water and is quickly absorbed by plants, providing them with complete nutrition. In addition, “Agropik-Eco” has a prolonged action, which allows you to reduce the amount of fertilizing and save on additional fertilizers.

The use of bulk fertilizer “Agropik-Eco” is possible on different types of soils and for different crops. Due to its high efficiency, this fertilizer is very popular among farmers and agronomists. It helps to increase crop yields, improve product quality and reduce production costs.
  • When planting perennial crops, bulk organic fertilizer “AGROPIK-ECO” is also used. Fertilizer is applied to planting pits along with seedlings after mixing with root soil at the rate of 0.3 - 1.0 kg per pit. If the soil is dry, then water it.
  • For single-growing trees and shrubs (deciduous, coniferous) aged 5 years or more, under the crown (away from the trunk, closer to the edge of the crown), 4-6 holes are dug in a circle with a shovel or holes are drilled with a drill 40-60 cm deep. Soil from the holes (wells) is mixed with fertilizer at the rate of 0.5 - 1.0 kg per hole and placed back, then watered with water if the soil is dry. The amount of fertilizer applied depends on the size and age of the tree (bush).
  • Before sowing the lawn, distribute the fertilizer evenly, scattering it over the soil surface at the rate of 10-15 kg per 100 m2 (one hundred square meters). After applying the fertilizer, incorporate it into the soil with a rake or mechanized plowing.

    For existing lawns, at the beginning of the growing season (spring), it is enough to evenly disperse the fertilizer over the soil surface at the rate of 5 kg per 100 m2 (one hundred square meters) and then water it with water.

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