Recycling of livestock and poultry waste
The use of fertilizers in the processing of animal waste and
poultry farming: advantages, methods of application and recommendations

Terra LLC offers technology for accelerated composting of manure and chicken litter using our biocomponents for the purpose of disposal, allowing minimal material, technical and labor costs, receive high quality compost within 20-30 days.

This product can be used as an organic fertilizer because it contains All negative factors affecting the soil are no longer present. Application rate per 1 ha chicken compost is up to 10 tons.

If desired by the consumer, to obtain high yields, it can be made from the resulting compost soil-forming fertilizer "AGROPIK-ECO" using biocomponents with humus-forming properties, in bulk form. Norm application of AGROPIK-ECO fertilizer per 1 hectare will be 0.5 - 1.5 tons.

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